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Support your local artists' stories


Sponsored Content Oct 03, 2018.

Support your local artists' stories

Only recently are scientists uncovering the importance of the creative community in broader community development and, more important, how art plays a part in it. But I have always believed that supporting the arts really feeds back into the support of the community. Many people go on vacation to fully immerse themselves in the small-town experience, which always includes a visit to the little local lakeside stores to experience the culture of that town. Having an art gallery in Old Town is essentially bringing the vacation back to us!

First, it contributes to the culture of our town and also functions as an outlet for the local artist community. We carry everything from leather wallets, handmade bath and body products, bronze and metal jewelry to watches, cufflinks and journals. Having all these handmade art pieces helps develop the story of who our community is and what it is about. We can parlay it through visual means rather than just words. Locally we have printmakers, cartoonists, jewelry makers and knitters, we really run the gamut from handmade gifts to crafts and sculpture. As a gallery owner, I encourage everyone to think of your local artists for your next holiday or gifting opportunity. Through the art, share the story of our community.

Kathy Holcomb
Kathy Holcomb

Kathy Holcomb

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