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Free reviews for Medicare Part D enrollment


Sponsored Content Oct 03, 2018.

Free reviews for Medicare Part D enrollment

During the current Medicare enrollment period, from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, eligible patients can review available insurance plans offered to cover their medication costs and insurance premiums. Many folks are not fully aware of the options, ending up with bad insurance that does not meet their medication needs. With this predicament, more times than not, they have to pick between their medication and other essentials like food, clothing etc. 

Navigating through the complexity of Medicare enrollment can be challenging but Central Pharmacy has the ability to help people pick a plan to cover medication and premiums for the best price and coverage. We encourage folks to work with us to review, update and enroll into the Medicare Part D program. We guarantee to make the entire process easy and uncomplicated through the following steps:

Set up a meeting to review your medication. Everyone is eligible to meet with our staff, even if you are currently not a Central Pharmacy customer. Show your plan comparisons stating coverage for copay and premiums for the upcoming year. Answer a few questions about your coverage. After the review, enroll in the 2019 Medicare Part D plan. 

Please contact any of the Central Pharmacy locations to set up a meeting.

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