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Wait until spring or sell now?


Sponsored Content Oct 03, 2018.

Wait until spring or sell now?

Still waiting for the right price on your house? Or are you renting month to month, simultaneously looking around for your dream house? Regardless of your position as a seller or buyer, here are a few considerations of the current market to keep in mind before taking any decisions. 

Fewer Homes – This is the current scenario that can be explained using simple supply and demand.  There is a lower supply of houses, but with a fixed demand it creates a great opportunity for those looking to sell.Serious Buyers Still Looking – Many people who didn’t find their home during the summer are renting month to month, waiting for the right home to purchase at the right price.Decorate for Holidays – Always make sure you use the latest photos and appropriate holiday décor when necessary for a current perspective of your house. Regular updates of photos allow for a showcase of change of seasons and holiday décor.Mortgage Rates Still Low – The mortgage rates have not moved much over the past couple months and likely will not change.Quicker Transaction – Banks usually take 30-45 days during the summer market to complete your purchase but right now they are taking as little as 18-25 days.

Like always, if you need further information about the current market or if you are confused about when to sell your house, I would be more than happy to clarify every doubt. 

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Joe Vitale

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