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Make unique holiday gifts for everyone on your list at Delphi Glass


Sponsored Content Oct 10, 2018.

Make unique holiday gifts for everyone on your list at Delphi Glass

There’s an almost palpable excitement to this time of the year as plans are made for a busy season of parties and celebrations. Store shelves are stuffed, “Top 10 Gifts” lists are published, and the hunt for the perfect something begins. Before you commit to the hustle and bustle of shopping and searching high and low – it doesn’t have to be this way. Make this holiday season slower, make it more deliberate, make it more magical by giving a distinct gift made by you.

For the adventurous and artsy people on your list, give the gift of creativity and time. Schedule a private Art a la Carte class at Delphi Glass with your friends, family, co-workers, fantasy football league, book club — you get the idea. Create glass art and connections. The relaxed party atmosphere of these short classes is the perfect break during the holiday season to relax, socialize and enjoy holiday cheer. You are welcome to bring adult beverages for all the adults in your party. Join one of the scheduled Art a la Carte classes at Delphi and create customized gifts from sandblasted glassware to gorgeous jewelry, even whimsical mosaic wall art. Looking for more options? The class schedule includes a wide variety of options from single day classes to in-depth workshops spanning multiple days. With all these options, you can treat yourself to a new hobby while making incredible gifts for everyone on your list.

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