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Articles For Kathy Holcomb in Lansing, MI

When it was first constructed in 1897, an art nouveau structure reflecting the design aesthetic of the period was commissioned to be the Wreck Brothers’ Grocers in Old Town. This included a unique tin ceiling with intricate floral pattern work, which still stands today. It continued to be that way till 1929 when it became two different buildings after the archway dividing the space into two was sealed off. It was then George’s barbershop on one side through the mid-1990s, with the Red Liner Diner on the other side. Part of the structure along with the building next to it was a lingerie and t-shirt factory after that. Circa 2003, when we came into the space, it was primarily a framing shop but it has truly grown into its own since then. From hosting a grand piano along with 100 people and world-class chamber music to fundraising for various organizations and hosting all different kinds of artists including, kiln artists, wildlife photographers and art exhibits by people with disabilities, our gallery space has evolved to include everyone in our diverse artist community, along with their unique stories and their own little quirks! With a rich history and old school charm, our gallery, which is standing strong after 121 years, is here to stay and so are we.
Kathy Holcomb
Kathy Holcomb

Kathy Holcomb

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