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Precautions for a Chilly Winter


Sponsored Content Dec 04, 2018.

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Winter in Michigan, specifically the chilly winds that accompany it, can be very harsh on your lungs. Cold air is often dry air, and this can wreak havoc for patients with chronic lung diseases, breathing-related illnesses and bronchial issues. The sudden change to very cold temperature experienced by most of the Midwest during late fall and early winter might impact your immune system adversely. Momentary exposure to extremely cold temperatures can also leave its mark, even when folks don’t think too much about it. Getting a chill can predispose a person to various respiratory infections including pneumonia. Prevention can be done effectively with something as simple as washing hands for 30 seconds or just long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” twice in your head! Home remedies like drinking hot water with ginger and  honey can also be very effective this season. Herbal remedies like echinacea are now available over the counter for cold and flu. Hydration is also another simple measure folks should keep in mind along with increasing their intake of Vitamin C. Sufficient water intake can ensure that your mucus, which protects your lungs by trapping foreign particles in it remains thin. Using a humidifier at your home can also help ease your congestion and allow you to breathe better. Over the counter medication can also help when things get out of hand. As always, we at Central Pharmacy welcome folks to our business for all their healthcare needs.
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