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Holistic Weight Loss Program for the New Year


Sponsored Content Jan 02, 2019.

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Like clockwork, a new year comes with another round of weight loss resolutions; most of which will inevitably see their end in the first three weeks of January. This time, focus on breaking this cycle and making a change for a healthier lifestyle. Adding more physical exercise to your routine and losing weight are great goals for the new year, but the changes rarely last. Lifestyle changes that are more enjoyable or that can be hobbies should be considered. Doing a detox or supplement cleanse can be a great way to start the new year and stimulate weight loss. But choosing the right supplement with the help of a physician can make the difference. Fat cells in our body are responsible for inflammation, increased risk of cancer and hormone imbalances. Complications from obesity have now been linked to a wide range of physical and mental health issues like joint pains, overall fatigue and depression. Discussing your weight loss and exercise plan with your physician will help you monitor your progress. Overall improvement of health should remain the focus throughout this process with an emphasis on diet changes, exercise plans, sleep improvements, improving nutrition through quality supplements, and better stress management. Contact Dr. Sarah Denham at CIMA to set up an appointment for your holistic wellness consultation.
Dr. Sarah Denham, D.O.
Dr. Sarah Denham, D.O.

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