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Articles For Kathy Holcomb in Lansing, MI

Dinner plates, spoons, platters, and, more recently, ball ornaments and tiny Christmas trees! Yes, all these ceramics are part of our holiday collection, expanding our little corner of Polish pottery at the gallery. Starting seven years ago, when we were selling them because a customer specifically requested them, we now have an entire space for these intricate, detailed and handcrafted pieces of art. All the Polish pottery we have in the gallery is hand crafted with pride at many small manufacturing companies in Boleslawiec, Poland. All of the pieces are individually hand painted, using sponge stamps and brushes to paint the stick and floral motifs on each piece. These patterns are first hand cut by the artists in the sponge, after which they use the sponges and brushes to apply the unique pattern to each piece. In Boleslawiec, when artists are deemed qualified enough they earn the right to create a pattern from start to finish and also sign it. These pieces can be identified by their UNIKAT stamp on the bottom, but they also stand out for their complex and intricate patterns. Come see if you can spot all the UNIKAT pieces in our pottery corner at the gallery! We encourage folks to consider a handcrafted piece of art from Poland for their gifting needs.
Kathy Holcomb
Kathy Holcomb

Kathy Holcomb

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