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Sponsored Content Jan 09, 2019.

Articles For Delphi Glass in Lansing, MI

Is maintaining good health one of your resolutions? How about spending more time doing things that make you happy? Delphi Glass can help you with both those goals. Wellness is more than hitting the gym and eating right. Did you know that being creative is also an excellent way to support health? Both the World Health Organization and National Institute of Health have published documentation about creativity being a beneficial part of a wellness plan. Creative thinking and problem solving helps maintain neural pathways and build new ones, meaning you’ll stay sharper, longer. Creative expression has been shown to help alleviate depression and reduce stress. This means that taking a break to make beautiful art glass and unwind with friends can contribute to heart health, help manage chronic pain, or even promote healing from an illness or injury.Let Delphi make it easy to fit all the self-care into your schedule, find an Art a la Carte class where you can relax with friends, learn something new and create a one-of-a-kind project, all while sipping on a glass of wine (Something you can’t do at the gym.) Call us or visit to find upcoming creative opportunities.
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