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Spend Too Much During Christmas? Get Out of Debt with These Tips!


Sponsored Content Jan 09, 2019.

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With the holiday season just passed, many Americans struggle with the debt the holiday season brings. According to Marketwatch, shoppers last year in the U.S. racked up an average of $1,054 of debt during the Christmas season. If you are like many this holiday season, here are a few ways to get out of debt faster:1. Pay off your credit cards by paying more than the minimum payment.2. Write down all of the debt you owe and come up with a budget to pay off this debt.3. Consider getting a temporary side job.4. Sell items you have not used or do not need.5. Whenever you have the urge to buy something that is not essential, put the money you would have spent on the item in a savings account.The bottom line is that the holidays can put financial stress on many families. Use some of the presented ideas above as a platform to save and prepare for the following year.
Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director
Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director

Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director

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