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Many people don’t know how we got our standard of time. Before 1883, cities and regions all set their own time according to the sun. There would be a sundial or a church steeple with which townsfolk would measure the passing of the hours. Back then, midday was when the sun was at its highest in the sky relative to wherever you were. Not until the popularity of train travel (and with it, using trains to ship goods) did it become imperative for our time to be standardized. Trains leaving at “local times” had the tendency to run into each other, causing loss of lives and freight. The U.S. finally accepted standardized time in 1918, but Detroit was the last major city to convert in 1927.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Give your loved one the gift of a quality timepiece from our collection at Linn & Owen. An heirloom clock to mark the years past and future to be spent together makes a wonderful gift, as well.
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