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Celebrate Love! Or Not.


Sponsored Content Feb 13, 2019.

Articles For Delphi Glass in Lansing, MI

February, the month in which we celebrate love, has arrived! If the thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day has you frantically searching Netflix for the next show to binge watch … we have the solution. It does involve wearing pants and you do have to turn off your electronic devices, but we promise that it will be fun. Bring your friends, bring your neighbor, invite your Mom, your Uber driver and join us for an awesome night of creating cool stuff.  Sandblast a cool design on a brew mug or a set of wine glasses, make custom bangle bracelet charms, or make some wall art that’s not on a canvas. Yes, we went there. Glass is cool and beautiful, just like your Valentine will be next year. Check out all the Art a la Carte classes online at and sign up now for a date night … er, not date night, to remember. Did we mention you can bring wine?  
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