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4 Financial Literacy Lessons for Millennials


Sponsored Content Feb 13, 2019.

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1. Put all your tech skills to use. Millennials are in a unique position, facing the challenges of financial survival in the midst of towering student debts and lack of employment opportunities. Having all the help you can get from apps catering to managing your money is a blessing. Digit, Acorn and Mint are just some of the apps which can be used for budgeting and keeping track of your money. 2. Start a retirement plan before you even finish paying off those debts. Imagining a retirement plan before paying off your student loan every month can be very challenging, but retirement savings offer tax benefits.  3. Split your savings between emergency and retirement. When there is very little to get by in the first place, an emergency fund is the last thing on your mind. But keep in mind usually these emergencies end up costing more than you ever expected. 4. Understanding the different types of debt. Not all debts are credited equal! If you can manage the monthly payments with an interest rate that isn’t too high, you are better off with the debt. 
Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director
Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director

Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director

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