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Why is Michigan Auto Insurance So Expensive? For $1000, Alex.


Sponsored Content Feb 13, 2019.

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So not too long ago some of my fellow members of the insurance cabal and I were sitting around drinking and brainstorming, “How can we separate Michigan drivers from their money?” I think that drivers must be onto us though, as pretty much EVERY conversation calls us out. “Geez man, insurance is too expensive!” So, maybe it’s sleep deprivation, but here’s something for nothing:

1. Insurance IS expensive. Especially in Michigan. (We rank somewhere between 48th – 50th in affordability.)

2.  IGNORE: the words discounts, bundling and the bastardization of logic. Focus on two things: cost and coverages. Discounts are like coupons: they don’t tell you the price. Bundling may lower the price, but often it is less expensive to have auto and property policies with different carriers.

3. NEVER purchase a policy with the state minimum of 20/40 liability. Most carriers deem that non-standard, and if ever you shop your policy, your rates will be much higher.

4. DO NOT turn in small collision claims. The frequency of claims will hurt you more than the severity.

Scott Harris, LUTCF

Scott Harris, LUTCF

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